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  • Each hair transplant procedure is designed to stand alone and look natural after surgery.
  • Patients do not have the “under construction” or half finished look of the past.
  • Each procedur is designed to look natral upon completion

We are doing Eyebrow restauration

  • Eyebrow transplant is done due to genetics or medical condition. Could this be the solution you are looking for?
  • A small strip of hair 3/4cm x 1cm is taken from back side of scalp. We also match it with existing hair on eyebrow, before procedure is done.
  • Single hair with roots attached are transplanted on the eyebrow. Between 8 to 16 weeks after the procedure, you will be a proud owner of new set of eyebrows.

Triangular Alopecia

  • Is a loss of hair, maybe congenital or a medical condition. Hair restoration surgery using follicular units hairtransplants, has been successful.
  • A strip about 6/10cm x 1cm is excised from the back and side of scalp. The root of hair maybe single root or double root, that are transplanted on the area.
  • * Between 8 to 16 weeks you will see the Alopecia covered.

Successfull Hair Transplant

  • Each hair transplant procedure is designed to look natural after surgery.
  • * On the right, the before / after precess after a surgery done by Dr Naidu.

Successfull Hair Transplant

  • Each hair transplant procedure is designed to look natural after surgery for man and woman.
  • * On a right a before and after picture one year after the surgery.


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Micrograft come as single or clusters of 2, 3, 4 and 5 hair groupings and are created in a way that when placed back on the scalp the hair will blend with your already existing hair, to make them undetectable. The follicles a typically much smaller than a grain of rice and measure 1/2mm to 1mm across.

Number of Grafts Per Procedure

A single procedure can range from as little as 500 micrografts to 2000 grafts. Depending on the desired density. If 4000 grafts are required by a particular patient, we will design a hair restoration program cinsisting of two or more procedures.

As hair loss can be continuous throughout life, most hair transplant patients will express a desire for more density, and this would require two or three additional procedurs.


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